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Lufkin Oil Gauging CN 1293SMEF590 LUFKIN INDONESIA

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22 / 01 / 2021
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Mitra Glodok bergerak dalam ditribusi kebutuhan keran air, valve dan pipa sambungan di bidang divisi Air, Minyak bumi dan Gas alam, kami berpengalamanan dalam menyediakan barang sesuai dengan spesifikasi seperti SWAGELOK, WHITEY, CAJON, SNOTRIK, FUJIKIN, LETLOK HAMLET, CROSBY, YALE, KONDO, GUNNEBO, KATUP VALVE, GATE VALVE, WAFER CHECK VALVE, ETC.

Detail Lufkin Oil Gauging CN 1293SMEF590 LUFKIN INDONESIA

Kami menjual LUFKIN LUFKIN INDONESIA Lufkin Oil Gauging CN 1293SMEF590 Lufkin-Measuring Tape Depth Oil Gauging - Lufkin Oil Gauging tape 15 M/ 50 feet ( cn 1293SMEF590) OIL DEPTH METER ( Alat ukur Oil/ minyak dalam tank ) LUFKIN-USA Atlas Chrome Clad / Nubian Double Duty
Spesifications Type :
Double Duty Oil Gauge tapes with both crome clad and Nubian ( Black) Read type : right to left Packed : Boxed Blade Size Width : 13 mm ( 1/ 2" )
Length : 15M( 50ft) , 20M( 66Ft) , 30M( 100Ft)
Thickness : 0.012" ( 0.3mm)
Blade Style : D3 Marking both size Graduated in millimeters on one side; other side instantaneous feet and inches to 1/ 8ths Have two arms Continuous length of finest quality hardoned and tempered carbon steel tape with lines and figures bright ( grafir) on black backroun Heavy-Duty frame designed for years of rugged use Large drums and winding handles for quick and easy rewinding Handle folds over for storage and to lock line at extended position Snap swivel hook on front end of tape for a plump bob Additional requirement : Include a grounding strap Include a plump bob , with spesification size 1" x 6-3/ 4" Pack Wt : 1.08 Kg Plus include - Plump Bob Brass mm/ cm 20 Oz ( p/ n 590GM) - Cat. No : 590GM - Cylindrical Shaped - Tapered Point tip - Solid Brass bob - Graduated millimeters with centimeters numbered - The Materials and dimensions of gauging tape and plump bob are Manufactured comply with API Standard 2524 and ASTM Standard D1085

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